Internet & Phone Services at Orlando World Center

The Orlando World Center Marriott provides a wide range of connectivity solutions for internet needs.

Partnered with Encore Event Technologies

The Orlando World Center Marriott partners with Encore Event Technologies to provide connectivity throughout the hotel. We can provide basic Internet services, as well as custom conference solutions. Our Network is built on a DS3 Backbone, which services the entire property. Both wired and wireless options are available throughout our convention areas. Encore service technicians are located on-site in order to ensure the highest level of customer service satisfaction.

Encore Event Technologies also provides turnkey solutions that address broadband and other network-related technology needs, and provides these services in a secure, managed environment.

Technology Solutions at Orlando World Center

Just a few of the technology solutions provided by Encore include:

  • Secure, managed broadband (wired and wireless)
  • Private VLAN
  • Wireless hot spot/zone
  • Static public IP address
  • Videoconferencing
  • Web Multicasting and Webcasting

Internet price list

The Orlando World Center Marriott also provides telephone service solutions. Our highly-skilled, in-house staff is fully capable of providing a wide array of telecommunications. Direct dial and dedicated lines are available throughout the property. On-site inventory includes digital, analog and polycom phone systems. Some of our optional features include voice mail, call forwarding, and multi-line utilities.

Our customer-friendly technicians are always available in order to ensure that you maintain a clear line of communication.

Questions About Orlando World Center’s Internet & Phone Services?

For more information about Orlando World Center’s Internet and telephone services, call (407) 238-8888 today.

For more information on Encore Technologies visit us here.