GES/Electrical Services at Orlando World Center

GES is a global event marketing company with a long history of connecting people through live events. Clients depend on our 3,000 passionate employees throughout the world for unparalleled service and consistent execution of breakthrough experiences that excite and engage. We generate a competitive edge and measurable return for clients by partnering with them to blend the art of high-impact creative and innovation with the science of easy-to-use technology, actionable insight, and worldwide logistics.

We design, deliver and advance live events like no other company.

How We Do It
With Art and Science. Two distinct disciplines yet both integral to what we do. We partner with the Orlando World Center Marriott to help you create moments of engagement that allow you to stand out from the competition, and go where you haven’t been before.

By working with the Orlando World Center Marriott, you will receive:

  1. Preferred exhibition and tradeshow logistical services
  2. Exclusive GES Electrical services
  3. Advanced warehouse and secured storage facilities
  4. Floor plan & Fire marshal approval services
  5. General Liability Insurance Coverage for contracted exhibition and event services

Visit and discover what’s possible when it all comes together. Art and Science. GES and you.